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Spend less,

achieve more

Helps in-house counsel save time, and increase satisfaction across organisations by streamlining contract review, due diligence, document management, and collaboration.

How can Legback help you?

Increase efficiency with automation

Seamlessly integrate policy compliance, contractual risk identification, and contract data extraction into your workflow.

Get more done with less error

Increase efficiency without sacrificing quality, by reducing the risk of human error and making data-driven decision faster.

Enhance teamwork

Legback’s secure, centralised case information management system helps legal teams communicate, stay organised, and resolve shared matters more efficiently and effectively.

Stay one step ahead of risks

Empower your legal department to shift from a reactive to proactive approach to risk management, so you can focus on preventing problems before they occur, rather than simply responding to them.


pricing with a guaranteed ROI

Businesses need to be careful when investing in technology. but Legback delivers a quick return on investment.
We offer a variety of pricing plans to fit the needs of businesses of all sizes. You can start small and scale as needed.