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Quick support about Legback, the first reliable AI legal assistant in Vietnam

Getting Started

What is Legback?

Legback, the first reliable AI legal assistant in Vietnam and Asia Pacific, harnesses revolutionary artificial intelligence technology to perform legal tasks with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

Why is Legback the only reliable legal A.I. available?

At Legback, our foremost objective is to conscientiously and responsibly advance artificial intelligence (A.I.). In the development of Legback, we have customized the generalized A.I. technology of GPT-4 to meet the specific demands and unique requirements of legal practice in Vietnam and Asia Pacific. To initiate this process, we established a robust trust and reliability program overseen by a dedicated team comprising A.I. engineers and seasoned litigation and transactional attorneys.

Prior to deployment, all Legback applications underwent extensive utilization by a cohort of beta testers, comprising over 100 attorneys from prestigious boutique and global law firms, in-house legal departments, and legal aid organizations. These legal practitioners have actively employed Legback in excess of 10,000 times within their daily professional activities.

Furthermore, Legback is unwavering in its commitment to security and privacy, implementing stringent protocols to safeguard the confidentiality of user data. Every piece of data shared with Legback, including all uploaded information and documents, is encrypted and protected in alignment with Legback’s comprehensive security program. Importantly, none of this user information or documents contributes to the training of the Legback platform or the underlying large language model. This level of security may not be present in other generative A.I. applications, where user data could potentially be accessed and utilized by unauthorized parties.

How often does Legback update its law database?

Legback is the only AI assistant in the market with a comprehensive database of Vietnamese laws and regulations. It is of utmost importance to us to maintain such a comprehensive law database for our customers, and we strive to achieve this on a daily basis.

Given the distinctive characteristics of legal databases, there may be instances where Legback does not have access to certain law documents. To address this, we provide clients with the capability to upload their own documents to their individual databases, empowering them to enhance and utilize the platform according to their specific needs.

My company often handles matters involving international laws and jurisdiction, extending beyond the scope of Vietnamese laws. How can you help?

We provide customised programs for businesses to address their specific requirements and needs. Please contact us at to discuss.

Can I trust Legback's answers?

Legback harnesses cutting-edge advancements in AI technology to execute a variety of intricate legal tasks. Our team, comprising attorneys and AI engineers, has extensively tested and fortified Legback with robust safeguards and security protocols, ensuring its suitability for legal practices.

While we’ve implemented crucial measures to enhance the precision of Legback’s responses, it’s important to recognize that AI is not a substitute for human intelligence. Users should not replace human insights with Legback’s answers. It’s crucial to understand that Legback’s responses do not constitute legal advice; rather, Legback is designed to support attorneys in routine legal tasks. However, it cannot and should not replace an attorney’s judgment. The decision on how to utilize the information provided by Legback ultimately rests with the attorneys.

Will Legback work on my mobile device?

Currently, we only support the desktop version. You may experience a suboptimal user experience when using the mobile platform.

Security, Privacy, Confidentiality

Is Legback secure?

Yes. Any data you provide for Legback, whether during usage or through uploaded information and documents, is encrypted and safeguarded under Legback’s thorough security program.

This security program encompasses governance and technical controls to guarantee the security and monitoring of the platform, data, and code.

Importantly, your information and documents are not utilized to train the Legback platform or its underlying large language model. This level of security may not be present in other generative AI applications, where your data could potentially be accessed and utilized by external parties.

Does Legback store my uploaded files and interactions?

Legback retains search history, metadata, prompts, and completions solely to facilitate the application’s functionality for users and no other intent. The data is securely stored and encrypted at rest using AES-256. Complete and immediate deletion of all data occurs under the following circumstances:

  • When a user deletes their content within the application,
  • Upon receiving a data removal request from a firm admin,
  • Upon contract termination.

What steps should I take to ensure my ethical obligations of confidentiality when using Legback?

Legback’s top priority is confidentiality. For Legback users, we have simplified the due diligence process by offering comprehensive details about our security protocols. Our strong security measures create a transparent standard, ensuring users can confidently trust that their clients’ confidential information remains privileged when transmitted or stored on Legback.

Why should I use Legback instead of ChatGPT for legal work?

In short, Legback is much more reliable and secure compared to ChatGPT. You can find the full comparison here: Legback vs. ChatGPT.

If I invest time in training Legback, will it benefit other companies using Legback?

No. Any customization or learning from your specific firms and businesses does not extend to benefiting other companies. This is due to the encryption of all your data, ensuring it is never used to train the underlying public Legback AI.

Am I able to upload our own law documents to enhance the data? Will it be shared with others?

Certainly, you have the option to upload new files to enhance the data. Additionally, you can customise the privacy settings and access permissions for the files according to your preferences. Your data stays encrypted, ensuring that individuals outside your company cannot access those documents.


How can I subscribe to Legback?

Right now we offer access to only a selected number of law firms and businesses. Sign up for our waitlist at Join Waitlist. We will contact you shortly after.

Which kind of companies and businesses can Legback support?

Legback is built for law firms while also serving businesses across many industries, including real estate, healthcare, software, pharmacy, energy, furniture, alcoholic beverages, entertainment, education, construction, FMCG, retail, and more. We serve not only legal teams but also non-legal teams aiming to simplify tasks like legal research, document review, and collaboration.

What happened if I cancelled subscription at Legback?

After contract termination, Legback proceeds to delete all data generated and uploaded from their clients. Legback do not own any data and work generated from their clients.


Do I receive training to use Legback?

Certainly, Legback provides comprehensive training and support to ensure users can maximize the benefits of the platform.

If I type something in broken english, does it understand?

While it’s recommended to type in precise and detailed questions to Legback, given its expertise as a well-trained AI model in the legal field, it often comprehends effectively even when users input information in broken English.

In which languages can Legback understand and respond?

Legback uses GPT-4, a robust large language model capable of reading and writing at a post-graduate level across numerous languages. While legal professionals can certainly benefit from Legback’s advanced language capabilities, we currently recommend using English and Vietnamese.

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