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The first reliable AI legal assistant in Vietnam

Legback does legal research, document review, contract drafting, and document analysis in minutes - with a focus in Vietnamese jurisdiction.


The first AI legal assistant in Vietnam you can trust, powered by GPT-4.

Our AI helps you with critical tasks

quickly and efficiently
So you can focus on your clients and business.

Answer legal questions

Tell us about your legal issue and get a complete answer with supporting sources in seconds.


Summarise your lengthy legal documents in seconds, helping you quickly identify key information and draft memo.

Expedite document review

Legback identifies critical documents and key information quickly and accurately, saving legal professionals time and money.

Chat with your own documents

Upload your documents and ask Legback questions about them, just like you would your own assistant.

Automate contract review

Legback reviews contracts and compliance policies, identifying relevant clauses, conflicts, and risks, and recommending revisions.
Measurable results

Why We’re The Go-To Legal Tech Platform

The leader in AI for the law

Legback's AI-powered legal technology helps lawyers provide higher-quality, and more efficient legal services to more people.
First-mover in Vietnam

We are the first AI legal assistant in Vietnam that is specifically optimised for Vietnamese law. We are built by a team of experienced AI and machine learning experts, as well as product and design leaders.


Legback’s top priority is trust and safety. Our experienced attorneys and engineers have spent thousands of hours training Legback to filter, rank, and score results accurately.